Thank You Rhymes

You have the creative capability
To focus your mind with ease,

Thank you rhymes keep you in the now

Just like laughter and a sneeze!

Question: How do you initiate the habit of training your mind to achieve a life filled with “zest and definitely a lot more zing?”  The answer starts with your thoughts.  To be completely alive, full of enthusiasm, gusto and passionate for life, it is necessary to be in the present moment with your thoughts—the powerful energy behind your words and actions.

How do you train your thoughts? At Camp Thank You, everyone has a great time with Thank You Rhymes!  It’s easy.  It’s fun.  It’s powerful. Thank you rhymes  can be created about anything that comes into your mind.   For example:

Thank you for days with nothing to do
Thank you
for girlfriends named Sue.

Thank you rhymes don’t have to make sense.  That means you can put unrelated thoughts together such as:

Thank you for Hollywood’s night of Academy Awards
Thank you
for basketball hoops and fast skateboards.

Thank you rhymes can express one idea.

Thank you for my thank you rhymes with ease
Thank you
for a quick response if you please.

Thank you rhymes are easy.

  1. Think of a word—any word.  How about jello?
  2. Play around with words that rhyme with jello such as mellow, yellow, fellow or bellow.
  3. Pick one of the rhyming words and put them together.  For example:

Thank you for luscious green jello
Thank you
for the color yellow.

Need a Little More Help? Click Here for more practice.

Try it and see what happens.  THANKYOUOLOGY has almost 200 thank you rhymes.  You can write as many as you like!

Share your favorite Thank You Rhymes at the Mailbox. Watch for it to be posted in Camp Fire Rhymes and Stories.